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The History of our school

The school was founded in 1970 and grew to a parallel-medium school in 1976. At present it is a co-ed duel-medium primary school.

The name Courtrai is gleaned from the original farms which belonged to the descendent of the French Huguenots. The specific school colours of blue and red emphasize this French connection.

The school badge was inspired by the coat of arms of the Flemish town of Kortrijk - formely part of France. The red chevron in the badge is generally used as an identification symbol throughout the school. Three pearls decorate the chevron and represent the three rocks (permanence) on Paarl Mountain. The motto, Fide et Virtute, loosely translated, idealizes Faith and Courage.

The school song was written by Mr M.M. Walters, translated by Mr J.P. Gerber and set to music by Mr M. van Schalkwyk.

Since 1983, after completion of extensions to the school buildings, we have all the modern conveniences necessary to educate our pupils in their entirety. Vast opportunities are offered to the learners to realize and develop their talents.

A high premium is placed on academic development, progress and standard. With this we endeavour to promote moral and spiritual defensibility as a source of life.

Each learner is placed in one of three teams, namely Laborie (white), Picardie (red) and Altenburg (blue). This builds team spirit and a feeling of belonging amongst the learners in various fields.

The school regards close co-operation between parent and school as high priority to ensure the best for its learners. To foster this, regular contact between staff and parents is encouraged, and parents are invited to support our parents' evenings and to attend functions faithfully.

It will be a privilege for the principal, staff and learners of Courtrai Primary School to welcome you and your child in our midst. We trust that your family will be happy in the community.

Together we build a better future for your child.