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Our School


Quality Education


We strive to give quality education based on religious principles to all learners as preparation for a stable future.


  • Courtrai Primary School is founded on Christian principles and it is expected of everyone to respect them. The supreme authority and sovereignty of God is unconditionally recognized. Freedom of faith is also respected.
  • The family is the primary educational base for each learner. It is expected of our learners to respect and accept the authority of adults. Adults shall endeavour to guide and support each learner with love, patience and understanding.
  • The interests of the school are set above individual interests and needs. Our behaviour, conduct, language and actions must promote the good name of the school.
  • We believe in harmony and because learners and facilitators are in partnership, we must promote positive attitudes.
  • The maintenance of high standards is non-negotiable in order to meet the demands of the times. A positive and healthy culture of learning is therefore of utmost importance.


  1. We acknowledge God as our Creator and Saviour.
  2. As future citizens of our country we strive to contribute to its welfare.
  3. We pledge allegiance to the Republic of South Africa.
  4. We pledge our loyalty to our school - our Pearl and our Pride.
  5. We acknowledge that our teachers are our mentors.
  6. We honour and respect our parents and trust in their judgement, guidance and support.
  7. We strive to treat our fellow man with respect and love.
  8. We have compassion for the misfortunes of others.
  9. We should learn from the past that which is good and build upon it a future for ourselves.
  10. We promise to live by our motto: Fide et Virtute (Faith and Courage)