At Courtrai Primary academics is our most important priority.  We strictly teach according to the curricular policy and prescriptions of the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS Curriculum).

In support of the learning process and to cater for auditive and visual learners, Courtrai Primary has the following facilities:

  1. An inter active white board in each class from GR R to GR 7.
  2. 3D teaching facility in the Science laboratory.
  3. A well-equipped computer room where learners weekly follow the CAMI reading and Mathematics programmes or other learning support programmes.
  4. An outstanding school library where the love for reading is developed and the knowledge of writers and books are broadened.  Books are regularly replaced.  Fiction, non-fiction and reference books are available.  Gr 1 to Gr 7 can take out books at the library before school and during breaks.  Learners visit the library once a week according to a set time table.


Continuous informal assessment takes place on a daily basis according to various assessment stategies in preperation of formal assessment tasks.  Formal assessment tasks, as captured in the CAPS curriculum, are done regularly.  These formal assessments, calculated according to the departmental 1 to 7 point scale, determine the final mark of each subject.  Learners recieve a formal assessment plan each term.

At the end of the second and fourth terms the Gr 4 to Gr 7 learners write examinations according to a set examination time table.  Work demarcation is made available to Gr 4 to Gr 7 learners in advance. 

Parents of learners recieve progress reports at the end of each term.  Where necessary, interviews are held with the parents to discuss the learners progress.  Learners in need of intervention, are supported.

Academics is priority number one.  Therefore differentiation takes place and individual help is given to learners when necessary.

For more information on subjects, progress requirements and assessment, visit the WCED website.